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  • Street food from Osaka

    Come to Okan and we'll tell you about our passion — Simple and delicious food, just the way it is served and eaten in the west parts of Japan.

  • Okan

    Okan means Mother in Osaka slang. It may sound rough but it is said with love. We do Okonomiyaki and Yakisoba, Osaka style, bringing our colourful childhood memories to Brixton.

At Okan we serve Osaka street food.

Osaka is where I grew up. An industrial, chaotic and colourful city filled with amazing food. Okonomiyaki is a savoury pancake, often served in tiny shops. Each shop will have its own character. Part of the joy of eating Okonomiyaki is seeing it being made right in front of you. Smelling it, hearing it sizzle and finally tasting it fresh off the griddle.

I have been serving okonomiyaki from street stalls around Brick Lane since 2002. With Okan in Brixton I want to introduce a new experience of okonomiyaki, served with a wide variety of toppings. I hope you feel a back street of Osaka in Brixton.

Moto, founder of Okan.

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The Okan Menu

Below you'll find our menu. We are fully licensed to sell alcohol and we accept all major credit and debit cards. We hope that you take the time to sit down and have your meal at Okan but if you are in a hurry we can also sort you out with a takeaway meal.

Starter Dishes

Edamame (V) – Soya beans sprinkled with Maldon sea salt – 3.50
Kimchi (contains fish) – Spicy fermented vegetable pickles – 4.00
Onasu (V) – Fried aubergine cooked with soy, honey and ginger with miso dressing – 4.00
Tofu salad (V) – Seasoned tofu green salad with homemade sesame dressing – 5.00

Yaki Onigiri (V) – Fried rice cake cooked in sesame oil and soy sauce – 2.50
Tofu Miso Soup (V) – 2.50


A savoury pancake – Classic Osaka street food

Okan Special – Prawn, squid kimchi and sweet corn – 10
Pork thin slice pork belly – 8
Beef thin slice lean beef – 8
King Prawn – 9.50
Squid – 8
Tofu (V) – 8
Cheese & Sweet Corn (V) – 8
Pork & Kimchi – 9.25
Pork & Noodle – 9.25
Beef & Kimchi – 9.25
Beef & Noodle – 9.25
Tofu & Noodle (V) – 9.25
Mochi & Cheese (V) – 9.25

Extra Topping added to any of the above okonomiyaki
Noodles / Kimchi / Cheese / Sweet Corn / Tofu – 1.25
King Prawns / Squid / Pork / Beef / Mochi sticky rice cake – 1.80

Yaki Soba, Yaki Udon

Fried noodles
Soba is a thin egg noodle. Udon is a thick wheat noodle.

Okan Mix prawn squid and kimchi – 9
Pork thin slice pork belly – 8
Beef thin sliced lean beef – 8
Squid – 8
King Prawn – 9.50
Tofu (v) – 8
Pork & Kimchi – 9.25
Beef & Kimchi – 9.25
Tofu & Kimchi – 9.25

Noodle Special – Omu-Soba or Omu-Udon
Any of the above noodles wrapped in omelette – +2 extra

Okonomiyaki & Noodle dishes are finished with brown sauce,
Japanese mayonnaise, green seaweed flakes & bonito fish flakes

Onomimono (Drinks)

Japanese Lager Beers

Kirin Ichiban Draft – Pint 5 / Half pint 2.85
Sapporo – Bottle 330ml 4
Asahi – Bottle 330ml 4


Gekkeikan medium dry, 14.6%, Served hot or cold
Large flask (270ml) 12.00

Plum Wine

Miyabi light and sweet, 17%
125ml 5.50
700ml 25


Red/White Bergerie de la Bastide Languedoc
175ml 4.00
750ml 22

Organic Japanese Teas

Served by pot – 3.50
Green Tea – Light and refreshing
Genmaicha – Green tea with roasted rice
Kukicha roasted twig tea – Mild and soothing
Houjicha roasted green tea – Smoky and calming

Soft Drinks

Sparkling Elderflower and Fresh Ginger Juice – 3.50
Sparkling Cranberry and Fresh Mint Juice – 3.50
Calpico – refreshing citrus & yogurt flavours – 3.50
Apple 3.50
Still / Sparkling Water – 1.50
Kids Apple / Orange / Calpico Juice – 1.20

We are fully licensed and accept all major cards.

Finding your way to Okan

@okanbrixtonvillage Okan Okonomiyaki Okan

Address: Okan, Unit 39, Brixton Village, London SW9 8PR

Opening Hours: Monday: Closed, Tue-Sun: 12 Noon — 10PM